Current Scenario

With recent market conditions, the economy is taking its toll on consumers and customers buying attitudes and behaviors. Sales leaders and business owners are not immune to this and they are having a very difficult time trying to meet goals and remain profitable. Every day, CEOs and sales leaders face the urgency of meeting their target numbers because of globalisation and their customers’ changing needs.

With the event theme “Same Strategy = Same Results, ARE YOU INNOVATING?”, we aim at Shifting your methodology and implementing new processes that will make your strategic sales plan work and remain sustainable over the coming years. As demand for new products and technologies grows in the UAE and the MENA region, it could present potential opportunities for growth in the region’s businesses in a range of areas.

The Economics Times – Sales and Strategy summit is gathering some of the most successful sales leaders across the region, bringing innovation and collaboration across all industries for you to achieve increases revenue growth. Get access to 20+ Sales Analysis Sessions and a lot more in the panel discussions with MDs, CEOs and Sales Leaders on the quest to make Sales strategies more effective to enhance your response skills while tackling tough day-to-day conflicts as sales leaders. Get to learn from the top industry leaders on Optimising Your Sales Channel with the Most Cost-Effective Methods where you will take part in strategising your sales forecasting in order to cut cost, increase closing ratio and gain greater revenue.

Deciphering the sales strategy

Devising an effective sales strategy is of top priority for every sales professional in every vertical, but there is no one-cut strategy or technique which works for every company, nor for every sales rep within the same organization. In today’s day and age, with a dynamic consumer base, developing a well-defined strategy is imperative, so as to provide a clear framework on the basis of which the sales force can create their own distinctive approach which is aligned with the company’s overall objective.

Sales strategy in an organization is generally an encyclopaedic terminology, with tips and tricks to ensure success to even the most struggling teams.

Companies which are successful are the ones which can keep up with changing nature of the buyer seller relationship in the ever evolving market. They possess the ability to innovate new methodologies, action on the latest technologies, devise and deploy integrated communications over multiple channels and quickly adapt to market conditions.

An effective sales strategy has the capability to identify, analyse and accordingly react to the fluctuating nature of the sales landscape, as well as the informed and digitally connected consumer base. This helps define an approach which needed across all levels, such as, setting up a plan and processes to monitor and measure market effectiveness, assessing what will be the best approach for a company to react, what content to offer, and having the sales and marketing team working in tandem to define the buyer journey and through an engaging experience.

Irrespective of how good the product or service is, there still is a need to create a strong sales strategy to ensure its success. So what do you think is the secret to creating a winning sales strategy for 2018? What are the top teams focusing on??


The Economic Times has always been at the forefront of helping organizations and professionals gather insight on how to deal with critical business and technology issues. Over the years, it has helped growing companies proactively lead the transformational charge and has equipped them with the latest information about technological advancements as well as critical insights into managing existing ecosystems.

With this purview, The Economic Times is pleased to announce, the first ever international edition of ‘The Economic Times – Sales Strategy Summit’, scheduled for the 26th & 27th of September 2017  in Dubai.

The summit will focus on ways in which businesses can keep its salesforce well equipped, engaged and motivated, as well as understand how to advance their company’s goals while managing sales across multiple channels. The intent is to bring together industry experts to have a continued dialogue on a steady platform to discuss the latest trends and offerings that would help boost the overall growth of the sales fraternity across India.


  • Exclusivity at its best: meet like-minded C-suite leaders and decision makers who understand that disruption and innovation are the only way to survive.
  • Think like a Sales Leader & understand: How to compete in the volatile market and how you can thrive
  • Design, Build, & Manage your Sales Plan: Learn from the best in the industry on what does it take to create a sales strategy which makes an organization future ready, innovative and agile
  • Mapping your strategies: this summit will help you strategize your sales plan and align it with current capabilities.
  • Discuss, deliberate and deliver: Be it digital strategies, customer experience, latest solutions on offer or networking with renowned names this forum is you one-stop solution for achieving your revenue targets.


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  • Aviation
  • Telecommunication
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • FMCG
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Services Related Industries


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