21 & 22 June 2018, Mumbai


Prashant Bindal

Chief Sales Officer | Sales, Lodha

1. What Strategies do you used to generate leads at Lodha Group?

We at Lodha believe that we are a Consumer Good Organisation and all our strategies and Execution are based to connect with Connect with maximum and relevant consumers and excite to buy our product. Like all well-developed consumer goods companies we have a very extensively developed Channel Partner business which plays a key role in bringing Consumer to our sites. We take pride in managing almost 5000 Channel Partners very effectively which is one of the largest distribution network across any industry. Apart from Channel Partners, we have verticals which we extensively use to generate leads and bring consumers to our site.

Pre sales and Digital Marketing
In presales we have a large Contact centre where we have a team of 150 tele callers. They use the large Data base of probable consumers available with Lodha and tele call them to invite them to the sites. The Pre sales team liaisons with digital marketing team to generate leads for projects across different geographies in Mumbai as well as different Price points

We already have a large base of consumers more than 30000 who have already bought Lodha homes. A dedicated Loyalty team is there , which keeps connecting with them and keep them abreast about new Opportunities. In loyalty , major sales happen through Upgradation

Corporate Sales
The Corporate sales team connects with corporates and offers them opportunities to connect with Lodha

NRI business
We have full-fledged offices and teams in US, UK, Gulf& Singapore. The team based here generate leads through digital marketing as well as large International Channel Partners like Sothebys and Knight Frank

2. How do you motivate your team?

The single biggest factor that motivates team is when they see the leader amidst them , listening to them and being part of them. I assure that all the leaders including myself visit every site at least once a month and interact with the sales team there and motivate them. We have a very robust incentive scheme, where the team at ground level are incentivised for every booking they do. We have a very strong Training team and robust calendar which ensures continuous training and exchange of ideas across teams.

3. According to you, what make a good sales person?

Perseverance, Discipline , Never Say die Attitude and a mind to embrace changes

4. How has technology played a role in new market expansion or reaching the end customer?

I have always believed that Business fundamentals are very important. Technology enables one to become Smart Worker. We have been using Technology to increase process efficiency while making increasing spread. We have been using upgraded CRM tool wherein all customer interaction are reported. From our first business discussion to product delivered. We have been using Big Data to identify ideal customer for different products. This has enabled us to target high-probability customers which have improved our conversion % by 15%. This has significantly contributed to our top-line. Not only this, this has also helped us in creating customized solution for different segment of customers which has further added our top-line. We have built VR design for all our major products and teams are bale to show case them the product without the clients having need to come to the site. This has proved very useful in NRI and Outstation Business